Site Safety Services

Safety Coaching Boot camp – 6 week online course for ANSI or ISO certified implementation This is one on one or small group safety deployment coaching for young professionals, newly assigned to safety responsibilities or standardizing systems over multiple locations.  Individual or group coaching provides a strategic plan for specific industries.  The focus in on identifying specific needs and creating the engagement to bring the organization to the gold standard.

Auditing –  Included in the safety coaching boot camp.  The participants will learn receive a comprehensive audit template to be used onsite.  The corrective action will be part of the follow up and ongoing coaching.

Professional Auditing services are available.  These are generally several days with professionals examining the practices against standard as well the human element of effective communication, and lean practices.  This includes hazard identification for compliance and regulatory bodies, cultural readiness, measured against the safety standards and enterprise risk management.  Each audit provides details on corrective actions that are needed.  Auditing services with ongoing deployment activities ensures that the team is educated and performing to standard.

  • Gold Standard – International Standards Organization (ISO 45001) and American Standards Institute (ANSI Z10) are the bodies of knowledge that lead the industry in safety standardization.  These standards are used to efficiently and effectively implement a OHS MS system that will reduce exposures to risk.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Organizations today that wish to cultivate business with large businesses are expected to have Corporate Social Responsibility policies that provide a framework in which all business processes must adhere.  Organizations must be the stewards of the environment, people, and processes.  ISO and ANSI are the framework for Occupational Health, Safety Management Systems that are used to ensure corporate readiness.
  • ISO/ANSI Framework – either management system uses lean methodology and requires the leadership to commit to the safety process and ensure that employees are engaged and participate in the program.  The audit assesses the organizations capacity for engagement, leadership styles and cultural readiness for program deployment.

Full Deployment Coaching  ISO 45001 Certified Deployment or ANSI Z 10 – Onsite OHS MS leadership is provided to guide the organization into effective deployment.  These services include training, meeting management, engagement strategies, policies, procedures and on site coaching at all levels of the organization.

Online Coaching or Full Lean Behavior Based Safety Implementation programs – Let’s not stop improving.  Once the OHSMS framework is in place it is now time to measure engagement.  Using lean principals and behavior observations the OHSMS system can become self serving.  Behavior observations are an effective means to see if everyone is living safety and safe enough to openly discuss needed corrections.

  • Behavior Based Safety deployment coaching – 6 week hands on implementation and review for engaging employees in behavior strategies.  Emphasis on creating a communication structure that is safe and effective.
  • Online Lean coaching for professionals looking to implement lean in everyday work as well as safety.

Contact:  Valerie Waterland