Safety Gold Standard is dedicated to helping C suite executives deploy standardized sustainable safety programs that follow the International Standards Organization and the American National Standards Institute  for reducing risk in the workplace.

We  help organizations with a step process to implement the over arching Occupational Health and Safety Management system that includes communication, behavior observations, and cultural engagement.

The International Standard Organization and the American National Standards Institute have brought together vast experience and knowledge to provide Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems to organizations. This framework is considered the “Gold Standard” in Heath, Safety and Environmental work and follows lean practices to plan, do, check and act to improve an organization.

Often times the Vice President of Operations or the Vice President of Human Resources need to effectively implement strategies for health and safety that span across borders and continents.  They need cost effective solutions to standardize and reduce hazards and risks in the workplace.

We help this process with a wall to wall audit of your current state, we design a lean process that engages the entire population and provide ongoing deployment coaching for your leaders.

It is not enough to just follow legal requirements in the safety arena.  Organizations are now required to follow Occupational, Health and Safety Management Systems to identify, plan and mitigate potential losses if they wish to remain successful in today’s market.

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Valerie Waterland, MS LMFT, MBB, ARM  waterlandllc@gmail.com